Bad Boys - Length 73 Minutes

Bad Boys is a collection of dark-side short stories.
The scenes cover a range of male subjugation and humiliation themes that do not involve beatings.
Slapping is the only "impact" SM used. It is in the bedroom and living-room scenes of Nadja's Black-Mail..
These stories contain bondage, teasing or forced erection, sexual denial, revenge, verbal humiliation, verbal abuse,
forced smoke & breath control, ashtray service, spitoon service, dildo service, heavy slapping,
and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.
. . . Everything a growing boy needs.

This feature has two unusual characteristics. . .
* It is the first Colight video to contain duplicate or alternate footage edited as special features.
* It is the first Colight video to not worry about the linear VHS format in favor of DVD flexibility.
IOW: DVD has button access to special features that are found at the end of the VHS.

None of the women in this video are professional actresses or sadists. Yet, all of these everyday women had a damned good time
hurting me and the other victim. So. . . it's safe to say that two masochists were harmed in the production of this video.
Both of us are still smiling.

Multiple Marlboro lights. (Amiko - Regulars, Maddie - Menthols.)
Deception nets a boytoy for Maddie and her lover, Amiko. They like bondage and he wants a smoky suck-job. His three-way fantasy becomes; Be careful what you ask for. Once the chains are on the girls pull out the cock pump. He gets part of his wish as the girls use the pump to smoke his cock. They force his cock to swell until it's stretched and oversized then fill the tube with smoke. Then, they do it again. And again. He quickly discovers that a "porn-star" cock is no good when no one is going to touch it.
Bondage, forced arousal & denial, cock-distortion and smoking by vacuum device, verbal abuse.
Maddie's Daddy
Camel Jade Corks
Maddie found a few pics and posts on dad's computer Now she has him by the balls. She wants her dick sucked and uses her verbal skills to instruct, encourage and abuse him until she's satisfied. Harsh verbal.
Nikki's Bad Boy
Part 1 - 5:00 min
Marlboro Light 100s
Part 2 - 6:24 min
Marlboro Light 100s
Nikki has a little demon in her soul. She picked the tools and toys and enjoyed the chance to work over a bound boy. You'll see what she's like when she let's her little sadist out to play. Part one focuses on a rubber pump-gag mask for forced smoke and breath control. Part two's emphasis is to use his open mouth as her ashtray and spitoon along with smoke in the mouth and face. She finishes with a jaw spreader, a little lipstick and forced dildo feeding. Light verbal humiliation. Some enthusiastic nipple torture.
- 5 segments
Marlboro Light 100s
A greasy blackmailer tries to use his knowledge and connections to get between Nadja's legs. He doesn't last five minutes once they meet. Bondage, moderate to heavy verbal humiliation & abuse. Heavy face-slapping, smoke in face, ashtray service, enforced chastity, foot worship. . . She finishes by pulling him against herself and whispering a reminder that he'll ache forever and never ever get to touch her.
Additional Features
Nadja - 4:50
Nikki's Smoke - 3:55
Nikki's Spit - 2:55
This segment is an alternate view of the Leg-Hold scene above.
The wide view has brighter smoke but this alternate view was too tasty to chop-up or trash.
This is a tighter edit of Nikki's forced smoke & breath control segment. Emphasis is on smoke in his mask & face.
This is a tighter edit of the spitoon segment by Nikki.